Göran Sveningzon is a visual artist, born 1964 in Hagelstorp, Källeryd parish.

His early images with an unbounded mix of cartoon, fantasy and fairy tale motifs led to his first gallery exhibition at the age of 19. The year later he was admitted to preparatory art school and moved to Gothenburg. After two years, he began studying art at the university.

His works from late 1980s onwards reflects an increasing interest in abstractions and the informal aspects of art.

Working with graphic design in the mid-90's also shaped his imagery with elements of pictograms, signs and calligraphy.

In this mix of influences, his painting became an abstract vision, a "lyrical tachisme" summarized through a manifesto-like booklet in 1999.

Most of his exhibitions since the 90's represents this passion for an intuitive surface poetry and self-expression of material and form.

With renewed interest in art theoretical subjects, he received a university degree in art and visual studies 2015.

He has continuously worked independently with his art, exhibitions and assignments through the years. He lives and works at Bohus-Björkö in the northern archipelago of Gothenburg.

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Another almost lifelong interest remains in music. Through the creative possibilities with digital audio, he began with instrumental composing in 2017 which evolved into several independent works. Complemented with cover artwork, the concept became "Lyrotron", which is now also established at the regular online music stores.

Listen to "Dream".

Composed in 2019.

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