Göran Sveningzon is a visual artist, born 1964 in Källeryd parish, Gnosjö, Sweden.

His early production of cartoons and fantasy art led to an initial gallery exhibition at the age of 19. He was admitted to KV Konstskola in Gothenburg the year later.

After two years of preparatory art education he started reading Art and Visual Studies at the university in 1986. During the time, he became fascinated in particular two, different areas of art history which came to influence his painting: the colours of early Christian Mosaics of Ravenna and the informal, abstract modernism. When hegot a full time job as graphic artist in the mid-90s, also elements from print and typography was added to his art.

In this mix of influences and inspirations he developed an imprint-like art of color fields and stains. Working intuitively with form, colour and material in a massive expression became his concept, a basic framework for his abstract imagery.

"Stains" 1999

Statement in booklet form, 1999

When he ended the graphic employment in 2013, he resumed his university education with extended studies, including philosophy of art and contemporary cultures. He received a Degree of Bachelor of Arts in 2020.

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Despite the influence of academic education, he has maintained his basic attitude to art as something completely intuitive and poetic. It's clearly evident in his later exhibitions of "Lyrical Fields" and the increasingly personal expression of surface.

 Mixed media on canvas, 2019

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Art and Music

His long relationship with music changed significantly in 2017 when he began to study the possibilities to compose via digital workstations (DAW). He started with instrumental ideas that he had brought with him over the years. Meanwhile, new material was emerging, and in 2018 he had an initial digital alum ready.

With his concept "Lyrotron" he has reached a certain platform for his combination of art and music. It has become a kind of counterbalance to his painting. A digital contrast, colliding with colours, matter and form.


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