Göran Sveningzon (signature GSZON). Contemporary artist, born 1964 in Källeryd parish, Sweden.

Göran Sveningzon's painting is characterized by both chance and planned composition. With a personal color scale, he builds contrasts between spontaneous gestures and sign-like forms.

His interest in the abstract evolved during basic education years in the 80s in parallel with solo exhibitions in cafes and smaller galleries. Trough continued culture studies at university, historical references came to influence his work with colours. In particular Byzantine mosaic art which became an inspiration for his public wall decorations during the 90s.

After several years in the graphic industry, he resumed academic studies in art and started working with digital music. He received a bachelor's degree 2020 and became a member of KRO (Swedish Artists' Association) in 2022.



2023  Ishuset Hönö (group exh.)

2023  Källeryd parish hall, Nissafors

2022  Old Rubber Factory, Gislaved (group exh.)

2022  Retro online exhibition "EXPO 80S"

2021  Konsthallen, Vingens Kulturhus, Amhults torg

2021  Konstvågen, Öckerö

2020  Galleri Hörle Slott, Värnamo

2019  Glashuset (group exh.) Gislaved

2019  Gnosjö Art Weekend, Gnosjö

2015   Konsthallen, Vingens Kulturhus, Amhults torg

2011  Konsthallen, Öckerö Library

2007  Svenljunga Library

2007  Galleri Konstrum, Gnosjö

2007  Lilla Galleriet, Gothenburg

2004  Galleri art-E, Halmstad

2000  Caféva, Gothenburg

1999  Galleri ArtZero (group exh.), Barcelona

1990  Mauritz Café, Gothenburg

1989  Café City Museum, Gothenburg

1988  Galleri Fönstret, Malmö

1986  Galleri Westers, Jönköping

1983  Galleri Section, Gnosjö


2022  Studies in Digital Art History, Uppsala University

2020  Degree of Bachelor of Arts, Gothenburg University

2014  Summer course in Art and Philosophy, Valand Academy, Gothenburg

2012-13  Art and Visual Studies (Advanced), Gothenburg University

1986-87  Art and Visual Studies (Introduction), Gothenburg University

1985-86  KV:s Konstskola, Gothenburg

1984-85  Fria Grafikskolan, Gothenburg


Book cover art, Essays by Lyn Hejinian, USA. Publisher Lejd

Book cover art and illustrations, Publ. Verbum

Swemix AB, Gnosjö

Meditation room, Bohus-Björkö

Altar wall painting, Bohus-Björkö


KRO (Artists' Association of Sweden)

Konstnärscentrum Väst

Bildupphovsrätt Sverige

STIM (Swedish music rights association)


Lyrotron music on Spotify

Lyrotron Homepage

Graphics and lyrics participation for debut album of Swedish pop band Freda', 1984.